FuelFLEX™ 65


FuelFLEX™ 65

Product Features

The FuelFLEX™ 65 product line is made in America especially for use with petroleum based products. Its distinct translucent yellow color identifies it as a fuel line, but also allows the user to monitor flow. The special PVC formulation uses a specific plasticizer that will not crack or dry out like other PVC compounds will in the presence of petroleum based products. This formulation also boasts a higher resistance to ethanol and a longer shelf life than traditional fuel formulations.

For Use with Petroleum-Based products

  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Resists swelling and hardening
  • Easy-to-identify transparent yellow
  • Higher resistance to ethanol commonly found in many petroleum products
  • Meets RoHS and REACH standards, also does not contain any substances listed on Proposition 65
  • For use with petroleum-based products
  • Fuel drain lines, vent tubes and overflow tubes
  • Transfer of gasoline, heating oils, cutting compounds and coolants
  • Lab handling of distillates
  • NOT intended for use with foods or beverages

All FuelFLEX 65 tubing products offer the following

  • Flexible, premium-grade PVC product specifically formulated for intermittent use with petroleum-based products.
  • Meets RoHS and REACH standards, also does not contain any substances listed on Proposition 65

Ratings for ideal conditions 73°F / 25°C

Strong Mineral AcidsFair
Organic AcidsGood
Weak AcidsExcellent
Bases – WeakExcellent
Bases – StrongGood
SolventsNot Recommended

Size Chart

Catalog NumberID Size In.OD Size In.WallPressureCase Qty. Ft.

Physical Properties

PropertiesASTM MethodValue Rating
Hardness; Shore A (+/-5)D224065
Vacuum Not Recommended
Operating temperature range -15° – 165°F
-26° – 75°C
Maximum Working Pressure 73°F / 44psi
125°F / 22psi
Testing Size 1/4″ID x 1/16″W
Color Transparent Yellow
Odor Slight
Taste N/A (Not Food Grade)
Specific Gravity; g/cm³D7921.24
Tensile Strength; psiD6382390
Ultimate Elongation; %D638415
Flame ResistanceD568Self-extinguishing

* The above is accurate to the best of the Company’s knowledge, however, these are typical values and should not be used as a certification. All materials should be tested for suitability in their intended use.

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