What’s in Store in 2024

What’s in Store in 2024

Family businesses are part of the backbone of the U.S. economy. They represent 87% of American companies, employ 59% of the workforce, and contribute 54% of the country’s gross domestic product.¹

Hear from President of Operations Phil Scott and President of Sales Erica Wright, the brother-and-sister team who are now the second generation to lead the company their dad built.

What differentiates Finger Lakes Extrusion in the performance plastics industry? 

Finger Lakes Extrusion sets itself apart with our FLEX-ability. We are strong communicators and will work with our customers to develop solutions where our standard offering does not fit the bill. We also maintain a shorter lead time than our competition.

What’s new for customers in 2024? 

2024 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. We are working on testing and certifications to prepare us to enter the pharmaceutical market, and new pieces of equipment to increase capabilities and take our quality to the next level. 

Along with those big things, there are incremental improvements we are working on, including a more efficient and error-proof shipping process and an upgrade to our ERP system that will give us access to new functionalities. 

At the end of 2023, we made a few minor tweaks to one of our extrusion lines that make that line much more versatile, allowing us to run a much larger size range for customers.

What is the biggest opportunity right now in performance plastics? 

Performance plastics is an industry that our world as we know it could not live without. There is a stark difference between our materials and single use plastics, yet we are often lumped together. It has now become our job as an industry to fight against that stigma. Erica participates on the International Association of Plastics Distribution Environmental Committee to help paint the true picture of our industry. 

As a company we do everything we can, every day, to be good stewards of our world, from recycling or reusing materials to minimize waste to maintaining the large solar field at our plant.

How does it feel to be second-generation owners of the business? 

Phil: I feel a responsibility to sustain what has been built at our company and to carry on the legacy. We are proud to provide jobs and see employees develop and be successful.

Erica: I am proud to be a second-generation small business owner. We work tremendously hard each day to provide an encouraging, supportive and stimulating environment for our employees. Our vision for the future is exciting and not without challenges, but one that we are ready to take on.

What would you say is each other’s greatest strength? 

Phil: Erica’s biggest strengths are her ability to juggle many tasks at once, her work ethic and her empathy.

Erica: Phil’s biggest strengths are his ability to pursue difficult situations without hesitation, his calm demeanor and his talent for not letting the little things get to him.   

What’s your favorite non-work activity? 

Phil: My favorite thing to do outside of work is to be in the great outdoors and the beautiful landscapes in the Finger Lakes.

Erica: My favorite thing to do outside of work is to exercise and watch my kids participate in their favorite sports and activities.   

What is the one thing you want customers to know about Finger Lakes Extrusion? 

We are a business with high-quality products made by quality-focused individuals in the USA.

Have a question for Erica or Phil about how Finger Lakes Extrusion can help your business? Call them at 585-905-0632. 

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Natalie LeGrett

Customer Account Specialist

Natalie is a 2011 graduate of St. John Fisher College with a bachelor’s degree in business management and concentration in Human Resources. After 14 years of working in the Staffing Industry as a Recruiter and other various roles she was looking to switch gears and start a new career path. She had ties with Erica as she assisted in staffing temporary staff to FLEX for years. She decided not to return to the corporate world after maternity leave and start at FLEX where she has been a Customer Account Specialist. She is passionate about her family and two sons who always keep her on her toes; we enjoy creating memories as a family and enjoying the sunshine every chance we get!