Recognizing Our Top Distributors

There’s the Grammy and the Oscar, and then there’s the Finger Lakes Extrusion Top Sales Excellence Award, presented to the five distributors that achieved the highest percentage sales growth in the last year.

This year, “the award goes to…”

  • PR Technical Products, Puerto Rico
  • Frham Safety Products, Nashville, TN
  • Pena-Plas, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Professional Plastics, Twinsburg, OH
  • Cy-Bo Plastics, Quebec, Canada


These distributors sell our flexible tubing products to customers in a variety of markets, including food and beverage, medical, nuclear power, government and mining. 

Our extensive network of over 500 distributor locations means we can meet customer needs around the world. 

We work closely with our authorized distributors and consider them part of our extended team. Together, we ensure customers get the maximum value from our products and the best in service and delivery.

President of Sales Erica Wright said, “Distributors are essential to the success of our business, which is why we created the annual Top Sales Excellence Award. We strive to provide a seamless experience for our distributors, such as the ability to bundle all the items needed by the end user wherever they use flexible tubing. We keep them up to date on our products with in-person and virtual trainings as well as frequent social posts and blogs. It’s our goal to always be accessible and flexible to meet the needs of our distributors and their customers.”

Use the map on our website to find a Finger Lakes Extrusion tubing distributor near you.

Congratulations to our award winners and thank you to all of our distributors for your continued partnership!