New Year, New Leadership

What a year it’s been! Our 25th anniversary in 2023 gave us a lot to celebrate. And in 2024, we’ll ring in a new year and a new era for Finger Lakes Extrusion.

Bill Scott, our founder and leader for 25 years, is retiring.

After a quarter century, it’s a historic change for our company. But what won’t change is our commitment to design, make and deliver exceptional products and service to our customers – values that Bill instilled in all of us.

He won’t like that we’re giving him this much attention. From day one, Bill has always been about the work, not the credit.

Finger Lakes Extrusion was created in 1998 when Bill and Kingsley Beck bought the Nalgene tubing products business from Nalge Nunc International.

Bill led the transition from Nalge to Finger Lakes Extrusion, maintaining the customer base, achieving ISO 9001 certification, and retraining employees on new systems. He led the rehabilitation of our 60,000-square-foot facility, oversaw the installation of our solar field, and introduced our braided tubing line. 

Over the years, Bill has captained our growth and furthered our innovation. He’s been a steady leader and a trusted guide to our employees, from the front office to the production floor to the warehouse.

Bill’s children, Phil and Erica, who have been part of the management team for over a decade, will assume key leadership of the company beginning in 2024. 

Erica, who will serve as President of Sales, said, “My dad is and has always been one of the hardest-working people I know. He leads by example and is always willing to teach. I have learned determination, critical thinking, and the value of committing to something and seeing it through. These skills were taught working side-by-side with him on home remodel projects (of which there were many), leaving the house together three days a week at 6 a.m. through my high school years so I could get an extra practice in the pool and he could get to work. We will work very hard to carry on the successes that my dad has worked so hard to create.”

Phil, who will become President of Operations, said of his dad, “I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn business and life lessons from him. I admire the hard work, dedication, and integrity that I have come to appreciate over the years. Erica and I are working hard every day to continue the legacy that our dad has created.”

Finger Lakes Extrusion is proud to be a leading producer of flexible plastic tubing products in the performance plastics industry. 

We’re equally proud to contribute to the economic vitality of our home in the Finger Lakes region of New York state, manufacturing ‘Made in the USA’ products, employing over 20 hardworking people, and investing in our community.

Cheers to Bill, whose lessons and legacy will keep us moving forward!

Natalie LeGrett

Customer Account Specialist

Natalie is a 2011 graduate of St. John Fisher College with a bachelor’s degree in business management and concentration in Human Resources. After 14 years of working in the Staffing Industry as a Recruiter and other various roles she was looking to switch gears and start a new career path. She had ties with Erica as she assisted in staffing temporary staff to FLEX for years. She decided not to return to the corporate world after maternity leave and start at FLEX where she has been a Customer Account Specialist. She is passionate about her family and two sons who always keep her on her toes; we enjoy creating memories as a family and enjoying the sunshine every chance we get!