More Syrup, Please! Flexible Tubing Makes the Sweetest Products Possible.

Flexible plastic tubing works in even the stickiest of situations.

It’s March and we’re talking maple syrup!

Maple is a big deal where we live. New York is the #2 maple-producing state in the country, with over 2,000 maple sugarmakers and the largest resource of tappable maple trees in the United States.

Our home in the Finger Lakes is rich with maple farmers and producers. And plenty of hobbyists who tap trees on their properties, including some of our very own employees!

If you love maple syrup on your pancakes, enjoy a piece (or two) of maple candy, or use granulated maple sugar in your favorite recipe, learn how flexible plastic tubing brings these products from the tap (or spile) to your plate.

From sap to syrup, tubing is there

Finger Lakes Extrusion products are trusted by maple farmers and processors throughout the Northeastern U.S.

That includes Vermont, which produced over two million gallons of maple syrup in 2023, making it the top producer of maple syrup in the nation.

“It’s a huge market,” said Erica Wright, President of Sales for Finger Lakes Extrusion. “We serve customers in the top five states for maple production –  Vermont, New York, Maine, Wisconsin and Michigan, and beyond that to Minnesota.”

Flexible plastic tubing is used from start to finish in maple production, in the equipment used to harvest and then process the tree sap. 

If you’ve ever visited a commercial maple farm, you’ve seen the vast network of tubing strung from maple tree to maple tree in the woods, or sugarbush. This maze of tubing allows the sap to flow downhill toward a collection tank or directly to the sugarhouse. A vacuum pump system using tubing might also be used to increase the yield of sap per tree.

Our PolyFLEX™ 50 is used to collect sap from the tree. It’s translucent milky white in color to monitor flow, can withstand a range of temperatures, and has strong resistance to environmental stress-cracking.

Most of our tubing is used in processing and bottling. ClearFLEX™ 70NP and BraidFLEX™ 70N help transform the watery sap into syrup and other maple products. Tubing helps move and agitate the sap throughout the processing system as it’s made into syrup and then transferred to the bottle.

BraidFLEX 70N is specially-designed for higher-pressure applications with its added inner polyester braid. 

Our products comply with the highest standards of food safety, offer exceptional clarity to monitor flow, and because they are flexible, are easy to install and fit around corners, making them suitable for nearly any operational set up. 

As always, we can customize the tubing to meet individual customer needs, including colors and imprinting. If you need it fast, we have over 250 standard items in stock and ready to ship.

We love all the work we do for our customers, but when it comes to maple syrup production, it doesn’t get much sweeter than that.