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People, not robots.

The FLEX™ Advantage

What do a 24-hour response time and lightsabers have in common? They’re two examples of the FLEX™ Advantage at Finger Lakes Extrusion – the company’s commitment to personalized customer service and customized tubing products for virtually any need.

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Our Team

Solving Problems Is What We Do

The members of our management team are the first point of contact when a customer contacts us with a problem they need to solve. Recently, a company that makes CPAP machines, used to treat sleep apnea, was looking for an alternative tubing material to silicone that was less expensive and

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Tubing Size

FLEX™ on the Farm

It’s enjoyed in a glass, over a bowl of cereal, and it’s an Oreo cookie’s best friend. Milk. It’s a staple in most households. Yet those of us who drink milk probably don’t think much about how it gets to our table. The farmer milks the cow, the milk is

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Tubing Background

Performance Plastics Make a Positive Impact

Plastics. Everyone is familiar with single-use plastics — products that are used once and then discarded or recycled. Plastic cups, water bottles, straws, utensils, bags, takeout containers. Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year worldwide, and half of that is used in single-use items. But not all

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