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FLEXible tubing for Sanitizing

As we all try to return to some sense of normalcy while keeping everyone around us safe, sanitizing has become a new required task.  Finger Lakes Extrusion has tubing that is required in the assembly of sanitizing misters, sprayers, hand sanitizing pumps and more.  We recommend our PolyFLEX 50/50B, BraidFLEX 70N and EVA product lines.  Our team is ready to work with you to customize a solution for your sanitizing equipment.  We understand that timelines are short and demand is high so Finger Lakes Extrusion is prepared to work quickly to meet your needs.

Medical Tubing Capabilities (IV, Oxygen, Ventilator)

As the COVID-19 virus spreads across the world, we here at Finger Lakes Extrusion are ready to help in the fight. We are manufacturers of flexible plastic tubing that can be used in a variety of medical tubing applications.

Our current customer base uses our tubing for ventilators, respirator testing equipment, irrigation fluid management systems, wound healing equipment, CPAP machines, dialysis centers, nebulizers and various other medical tubing applications. With that being said we are very familiar with the requirements of the industry: tight tolerances, high quality level, certifications, lot control, documentation and clean room ready products.

Manual, disposable and other lower cost ventilator models have been brought to the marketplace as additional options or stand-in’s until traditional ventilators can be manufactured or procured. Finger Lakes Extrusion is happy to discuss the tubing needs for your device to help bring the production to scale in our time of need.

To protect our frontline healthcare employees, many hospitals are now looking for IV extensions so that oxygen and ventilators units can be placed outside of the ICU or patients’ rooms. This allows the units to be monitored in a lower risk environment for healthcare workers reducing their risk of contracting the virus. We are able to provide the tubing used in these IV extensions.

Customizing is our specialty; abilities include double bagging, plastic reels, cut to length, color, print, bar coding and much more. Finger Lakes Extrusion is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and takes quality very seriously. Our products meet various industry standards including USP VI, FDA, NSF-51, USDA and 3A.

This pandemic requires ventilators for the sickest of patients. ClearFLEX 60NP and EtherPURFLEX 84 are currently being used as ventilator circuit tubing. These two materials are only a few of the possible materials that could be used to create your ventilator circuit. Whether you have an established unit and are looking for more supply or you are developing a new product due to the need; we can help you.

Most hospitalized patients also require IV medicine and fluids along with Oxygen. We can also supply the medical tubing as the need is soaring and current supply can’t keep up. IV tubing and Oxygen tubing can be supplied on bulk spools to be cut down and assembled as part of a sterile kit or cut to length depending on your needs. We recommend ClearFLEX 60NP for this application and are ready to begin production of your product quickly.

Additionally, information has stated that a percentage of otherwise healthy adults who contract COVID-19 begin to suffer from acute kidney injury (AKI). The most severe of these cases require dialysis through their fight with the virus. Thankfully AKI is a reversible condition, however more dialysis equipment is required during the patients fight with COVID-19. Finger Lakes Extrusion can help. We are currently producing tubing for use in dialysis and are aware of the requirements for this market. We recommend our PolyFLEX50 line of products for this application.

Hand Sanitizer is also in an extreme shortage. Many breweries and distilleries have transitioned their production facilities from consumption alcohol to sanitizing alcohol. We can manufacture tubing for the dispensing units of the hand sanitizer and the transfer of the raw materials during the production process. We would recommend our PolyFLEX 50 product for this application.

We understand that fast turnaround times during a crisis like this are vital and we are here to meet those needs.

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